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My trip to Malta was for Christmas. I wanted to spend the holidays in some unusual way, a little lazy, away from all the festive hustle and in a warmer climate than mine country:) Counting ticket costs and time, the choice fell to Malta and Gozo, which was a good decision.
Malta is a relatively small country inhabited by about 450,000 inhabitants with a total area of 316 km². Is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It consists mainly of islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta has one national language, which is Maltese, and English as an official language.

Weather in winter:
The winters in Malta are very mild with an average temperature of 17 ° C during the day. November, December and January are the rainy months of the year with an average number of days with precipitation of around 16 days / month.
During a 10-day stay one day was rainy – it took less than an hour and once i heard a thunder … Most of the time I was in a long sleeve shirt, sometimes tshirt, and had a windbreaker that protect me against winds from the sea. The weather was really cool, and the memory of the frosts in Poland triggered a smile on my face 🙂

The only cloudy and rainy day in Malta. Visible in the distance at sea, stains from the rays of the sun.

I can not say much about public transport. I only know that there was an option to buy a weekly ticket for all the buses on Gozo and Malta at an attractive price of 6.5 euros. From what I learned, but after a higher frequency when the carrier changed. With the information I got today the buses still exist but the price are much more higher. My option included moving to a rented car. Two my friends joined me and we decided that renting a car would be a cool option for such a small country, and the costs would spread out. We drove around the island, we did not even burn the whole tank, and at the end we went back to the same places that we liked the most. We liked this type of mobility. I just have to add that traffic is left-handed, and in the capital itself it was not profitable to move by car because there was a problem with parking. Outside the built-up area and on the Gozo there was ok.

Rented car

I used Previously I had booked accommodation in two different places: Sliema (Malta) and Marsalforn (Gozo). Because the island is small and we had a car there was no need for us to change accommodation.

I wrote a unit cost per person of our 3 persons group. Car + fuel: 53.57 euro. Accommodation: 94.17 euro. I can’t remember the exact cost of tickets but i remember we bought them really cheap. The currency in Malta is euro.
There are standard european prices in this currency and we should not convert them to polish zloty because it would seem too expensive. We ate half / half – sometimes at restaurant, and sometimes we did something ourselves.

I already mentioned my trip to Malta had the character of relaxation to spend this time without a special chase, changing the winter, frosty climate to a bit warmer 🙂 I did not care about doing any photography story, reportage or to see everything. My description will include my general feeling after visiting this country.
The first thing that pleased us was the weather. It was a pleasure to leave frosty Poland and be welcomed by beautiful, sunny weather and a seaside breeze. Our stay started in the town Sliema. We visited the surrounding area and strolled along the coast.

Seaside panorama. Neighborhood of the Capital.

Maltese streets are rather narrow but charming. There is clean, neat and really nice.Cities located near Valletta (capital city) are full of life, densely built up, and the traffic on the street is quite large. The time after season is far better for us because there are not so much tourists and the prices of accommodation are affordable. In the season the island is experiencing a large tourist arrivals.

Valleta is the picturesque capital city of Malta located between the bays of Grand Harbor and Marsamxett. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and its architectural design was created by the Italian architect Francesco Laparelli, a pupil of Michelangelo.

Valletta – capital city of Malta.

It is inseparably linked to the history of the military order of St. John of Jerusalem. It was ruled successively by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.

Valletta by night.

The city is busy all day, but still retains a timeless atmosphere at night, giving you the feeling that we are back in time. The skeleton of the narrow streets boasts some of Europe’s finest works of art, churches and palaces.


In Malta we find people from all over the world. It is also attracts many entrepreneurs, probably because of good weather, taxes and a business-friendly environment. Maltese are typically Mediterranean people: friendly, relaxed, stress free.

Daily life on maltese streets.

We decide to move away from the urban bustle and go to the small fishing town: Marsaxlokk. This town is well known and made famous mainly for two reasons: the characteristic, colorful fishing boats called Luzzu and taking place here market.
However, we are outside the ‘market day’ so we admire the traditionally colored fishing boats that are painted blue, yellow, red, sometimes green. Boats are beautiful composed with blue water and surrounding buildings. On some of them you can saw Osiris or Horus’s eyes – mostly Phoenician remnants and their beliefs.

Traditional Luzzu boat in the town of Marsaxlokk.

It is quiet here – probably because we are in a period where there are rather no tourists. Life is related mainly about fishing, boating, local pubs, where we can eat fresh seafood. Below a few frames from this charming place:


Does anyone remember the fairy tale of Popeye – a funny and friendly sailor, a bit impatient and fierce to fight, who took his strength from spinach? 🙂 There is entire Popeye Village, which was built in 1979 in a picturesque Anchor Bay located in the northwest corner of the island of Malta. It was a movie plan of the Popeye musical about the adventures of this sailor. After the completion of the photographs, the settlement was transformed into a museum which has become into one of Malta’s greatest tourist attractions.

Popeye Village

I will write about Gozo Island in a separate post.

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