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Koprowy Wierch is located in the High Tatras on the Slovakia side and is situated in the south of the Międzuszowiecki Peaks, at an altitude of 2367m above sea level, dominating the three valleys – Hienczowa, Ciemnosmreczyńska and Hlińska. It is one of the rarely visited peaks in the Slovakian Tatras which makes it attractive, free of crowds peak. The views on the way to peak and on the mountain are really lovely.
As the beginning of the route I chose a car near the Poprad Pleso. We start walk by asphalt road to the fork of roads and then continue our hike by blue trail. On the way you can visit the symbolic cemetery (the only one in the Tatra Mountains), although I advise you to do it only when we descend as long as we have enough time. Remember that the weather in the Tatras most often breaks down in the afternoon, so I prefer the variant of reaching the summit to noon, and then calmly and safely descend down.

Route Profile:

In the area of Poprad Pleso we turn left and follow the blue and red trails. The red trail is the road to Rysy, but in the vicinity of the Frog stream behind the bridge we turn left and follow by blue trail to reach the peak.

As we climb higher up on our left, we are accompanied by a view of the Baszt Ridge. It is about four kilometer Tatras ridge, located in Slovakia. I like the surroundings starting from small Hińczowy Pond from which we can admire the whole ridge.

Baszt Ridge

Panorama view from Hińczowy Pond toward the Poland

Around the pond:

From the pond we head left to the Koprowa Pass:

Approach to Koprowa Pass. On the right there is a visible Koprowy Peak.

We could continue our trip along the blue trail to the Hlinsko Valley, but we turn right here on the red trail to Koprow Peak. Before us the last climb to the top (30 minutes) and we can enjoy the views. In the period when I was at the top there was only one person:)

View from the summit towards the Piarzysta Valley

View in direction to Cubryna Peak (2376 m). In the distance on the left visible road to the Szpiglasowa Pass (polish side).

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