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I started to discover that when i’m travelling my attention is focusing more on people i meet on my way. i am taking a pictures of people more often. i like interacting with people, get to know their everyday life, watch daily life…

My main goal to visit Georgia was to climb on Mount Kazbek (about this i will write on another post). Because of that most of my time i spent in mountains but i also have oportunity to spent my time among Georgians. This was enough to expirience hostpitality, openness of people, temperament and ability of drivers, and the sympathy they have for the Polish.

Shoemaker – his son studied in Lodz. Poland.

Drivers are very temperamental…They gesticulate, trumpet, drive vigorously, and in mountain areas they can take you out the road. You really enjoy when you get off from the car and from the fact that it was not your vehicle 🙂 Traffic is right-handed but you can have the steering wheel on your right which adds additional attractions:)
Driver wanting to overtake must first move half of the car on the opposite lane to see if something is going … It makes you want to scream or close your eyes while sitting as a passenger 🙂 Cows on the streets? – why not:) They walk where they want outside big cities. So far I can not understand why the more attractive for cows are the concrete bridges than the beautiful green meadows…

Young man presenting his work. Hand-sewn images in a piece of leather.

To write about hospitality in details you should propably spent more time in one place with local people. Despite my short stay I was able to experience the hospitality of local people. When i stayed for just one night in Georgian house the host of the house came with Georgian wine. It was not a good combination that night because earlier i was trying to chacha (is a Georgian pomace brandy) but I remember it as a interesting evening:) Another time i was offered homemade pastries, host of the house told me to feel like at my own home or someone offered me a free carriage to my hostel.
I did not feel that anyone would want to do some business on me and make a profit.
Ofcorse in private Marshrutka (this holdover from soviet times is a minibus service that courses through Georgia) prices are negotiable so they can be different but i think it is normal that people want to earn money so you have to use your head:) In less touristy places people are more open and don’t want your money line in touristy places but i think it is normal almost everywhere.

Georgian woman on local market.

What with the sympathy for polish people? Yes it is true. You can feel it in relationships…It doesn’t mean that they will be worship you so you should not go into self-complacency but the fact that you are a polish helps you a lot in many relationships. I had situations that the fact i am a polish brought our conversation to a higher level:)
In meteostation on Kazbegi a large Polish flag is hung out and on the outside there is a commemorative plaque to commemorate death of the Polish presidential couple: Maria and Lech Kaczyński. One of the street in Tbilisi have a name of dead president Kaczynski or the names of Polish presidential couple have one of the largest squares in Batumi.
In recent years, it seems that the “anti-Putin” alliance under Lech Kaczyński’s presidency has made Polish-Georgian friendship stronger, although this feeling has been going on for nearly two centuries. For us all this attitude makes it a frequently chosen direction of travel by Polish.

Georgian women on local market.

I have enjoyed my visit to the local market at one of the stations when I was waiting for my bus. Walking around the market i saw and felt the climate of this place. People who came here to work just daily life of this place…I knew i want to take some pictures of this place. Taking my camera i timidly began to photograph the local people, trying to respect them and start the conversation with big smile of my face despite language barriers…My attitude raises people’s interest – positive of corse. People call me, trying talk with me and ask me if i can take pictures of them. They were very open and cheerful, not everyone wanted to be photographed, but over some time my persuasions broke their resistance ….It was so cool!!

Another georgian woman on local market.

They asked me where i am from, what am i doing in Georgia, do i like it here. With some of them I exchanged some more words, with others only gestures but smile is recognizable all over the world 🙂 It was nice that all of the people in this market were like family. They called each other and wanted to have a photo together, with a neighbor standing next to …With such a nice enthusiasm and openness of people while take photos, I have not met anywhere else … I felt like no stranger but at home.

Below are some over photos from this place. Little girl in the shirt “Frozer” is my favorite – she was very shy, but at the end as I showed her picture on the camera she smiled and it was so cute:)

At the end, Georgian boys … I do not know are they brothers because we could not understand each over. One of them call another because he did not want to be alone on this picture but with a companion. Great attitude!

Georgian boys:)

The boy in the Nike shirt touched my heart. When I left the market area and walked my way, a few hundred meters away from there, someone caught me behind the shirt … I turn around, and saw this boy. He ran such a long way just to say goodbye to me. I hook his hand, and with a smile on my face and crushed heart, I continued my walk…

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