About Me

Firstable i want to apologize for my english on this site:) I trying to translate my posts by myself. I have never studied English philology. I learned English only in high school:) Despite a lot of mistakes I want to try anyway…:) Hope you understand a lot:)

As a short brief about myself i could write: outdoor enthusiast, mountain, hiking and nature lover who loves to actively spend time, having a lot of interests and not really want to give up on anything from them:)
Finally a thirsty adventures traveler…A word: traveler is a key for this site because i want to focus on my travels here. Of corse i don’t want to exclude my lovely mountains to which i have special feelings and love to do everything what is associated with them: climbing, hiking, mountanering.

Traveling has not always been in my life. I had a lot of problems with that. Since I can remember i have motion sickness. The influence of this sickness was so big that i didn’t travel. I rarely attended in school trips. Even city bus ride sometimes finished couple stations before destination.
I don’t recognize me and my life today. So far i visited such countries like: England, France, Holland, Georgia, Japan, Thailand and many more. I am “addicted” from travelling now and still wants to see more:)
I definitely like traveling because of the adventures – you never know what your day may hold. When I’m travelling, it’s all about the present moment. Right now, and no other time. Who knows what will happen next? Explore new places, cultures and customs forces your eyes open because you’re seeing things you’ve never seen before. First of all meeting new people because they make history. All of this kind of things i will try to capture through the eyes of my camera. There are often unforgettable moments that are stay with me to the end.

Today i found my way for traveling. I feel like the world is open in front of me now and i have a lot of dreams associated with it:) I started to live bravely…There are a lot of places i want to see, mountains i want to climb, adventures i want to survive and new people i want to meet. The coolest thing is that my good God is with me in everything and makes that the impossible became possible.
With my adventures I want to share here but do not know how it will be look like yet… Time will show:)

Regards Lukas.